Exercise became an outlet for my emotions


Throughout most of my life, I have dealt with chronic pain. It’s pain that never went away and always found a way to interfere with my social and family life. So inevitably as the years went on, depression began.

I’m not going to lie, exercise was not my first choice as an outlet for my emotions. It was actually a doctor that recommended I start yoga. I remember going to my first yoga class and thinking how difficult it was. That sense of difficulty had a level of motivation for me that lead me to continue going to classes to progress. Through going to all the classes, I met a bunch of people who had similar stories to mine. I met instructors that became an inspiration and helped me progress continually.

Yoga was definitely the turning point that lead me to want to try different forms of exercise. Plus, by going to the gym I realized I could build the strength I needed to improve some of the poses in my classes. I started doing weights, and running. Little did I know that just going to the gym would help me mentally feel better as well as physically.

Just recently, someone very close to me died by suicide. The amount of emotion that came with the event was extremely overwhelming. After a few weeks of not wanting to do anything, I made myself get up and go to the gym. Exercise became an outlet for my emotions. So, whether it was a bad day at home, a bad day at school, or being depressed, by the time I left the gym or yoga, I always felt better. It was like a sense of success and ease that I could go on and conquer whatever happens in my life.IMG_4998

My advice to anyone that is having a hard time or is depressed in any way, is to try exercise. It is a natural and good way for you to add quality to your life. Plus, you can meet a lot of new people that may be similar to you when you get involved and go to classes, organized sports or a gym.


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