Jared’s Us4Them Challenge

Jarett’s story:
“Years of bad eating and bad choices led me to gain a lot of weight. So much so that now I hate the way I look. Every time I look in the mirror I get a feeling of disgust that courses throughout my entire soul. Being a dude and having a stomach that makes you look pregnant does not bring any good feelings with it. Deep down I have always wanted to get healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically. However for some reason I was always de-motivated and never able to stick with exercise and eating right. When Nate first mentioned Us4Them and how we get in shape and help kids in Haiti, I felt the God say to me say,  “This is your chance .You will sweat and bleed for me and I will use your weakness as my strength to glorify me. I will be with you and strengthen you”
                  I was never really motivated to help myself but a wave of compassion hit me when I heard about the kids in Haiti who don’t even have mattresses to sleep on. The church I attend called Church by the Glades, constantly supports orphanages in Haiti by providing them with shelter and the teachings of my God. I’ve never been equipped with the resources to be able to help but now God has set me up to get on my hands and feet and serve these kids in need. Although this will be a journey that builds me physically mentally and spiritually, this is not about me at all. It’s a mission to help out people in need with my seat and my tears. The more I agonize and the more pain I endure the more these kids get the help they need. That’s exactly what my God did for me and as unworthy as I am, he has called me to serve like that for those he cares about. Us4Them is my chance to go out, serve, and use my weakness as Gods tool to help those in need.”
Interview with Jarett after the challenge:
So you lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks?
That amounts to a total of $240 for kids in Haiti with your sponsors?
How do you feel?
I feel so much better bro.  I feel lighter. The first week was the worst.  I was so out of shape.  At work(Dunkin Doughnuts) everything was heavy for me to lift.  Like the trash was so heavy.  But now, at work everything feels light.  Since I’ve been going to the gym, I just feel stronger.
How did you fight the temptations?
It was pretty easy for me because all I had to do was think about the kids.  If this was for me, then I would have stopped.  But, this wasn’t for me at all!  I did this for the kids so every time it got hard, I just thought about them!  I was in it to win it!  I couldn’t let them down!
Did you think you could do this?
At first, I wasn’t really sure.  But after the first week, it was all an uphill battle from there.
Did you stick to the diet?
Yes I stuck to the diet 100 percent!
What are your plans now?
Well, I’m still not satisfied.  I still want to improve some things (like my stomach).  So I’m going to keep sticking to the diet and keep going to the gym.  Now that I have the discipline, I can’t stop and I won’t stop!
What was the hardest part of this challenge?
The first day and the night before I started it.  You have all these things attacking you in your head saying “you’re out of shape, you’re never gonna be able to make it, you can’t do this.  You won’t be able to stick to the diet.”  I just got attacked by all these thoughts and I just had to keep fighting it.  But after the first couple days, I realized that I was strong and I was capable of doing it!
How do you feel like you’ve grown through the challenge in all aspects?
Physically, I’ve lost weight, I have more stamina, more energy.
Mentally, I know I’m more capable of what I thought of myself in the past and I’m more disciplined.
Spiritually, I just know I have what it takes to do what God called me to do.
What would you say to anyone wanting to start the challenge?
I would tell them to straight up do it!  Don’t think about it!  If you want to get in shape, this is the way.  Sign up with Hard Exercise Works and stick to the diet!  But just do it!  Don’t make excuses.  You’ll get attacked by your own thoughts but in the end, it’s really worth it.  Just fight through.


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