Stephanie: Down 7 Pounds, Raising $500


Bearing the occupancy of my mind are the words “it’s only one more lap”. It seems logical to be able to maintain speed, motivation, and the mindset to stretch through that last lap, but let me introduce to you what could either be your greatest enemy or your biggest ally: your mind. The mind gives in before the body does which is the key to understanding how to conquer the Us4Them Challenge.

         Shattering the barrier between my health and I, the Us4Them challenge kick started my love for this new lifestyle. A year before i had lost 20 pounds and was in my best shape until the stresses of life started to kick in and I looked for relief in food and overeating. I did not realize that was the root of my usual gloomy and lazy days until i had a reason to start again for those two families in Nicaragua. I am now more energetic, vibrant, and my confidence has soared!

           Whether it is overcoming that craving, finding the will power to change the lives of two needy families, or finishing up that last lap remember that your mind is the one you have to train the most. Right when you feel like giving up is when you are going to go harder in order to train your mind to understand that YOU control it, not the other way around. You know how that hamburger and fries taste like, but do you know what a healthy and fit body feels like? We cannot be “more than overcomers” if we do not overcome anything . We cannot be victors without opponents. God had the Israelites fight for their freedom instead of handing it in so they could feel that thrill of victory and acquire more strength as one just like conquering this challenge isn’t going to be handed to you, you have to fight for it and feel that shrill of victory towards the end that only you can do for yourself, no one else. So go get those $500 dollars for your cause. Put down the heavy snacks, get up, get active and show your mind who’s boss.


What’s The Us4Them Challenge?

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