The Us4Them Challenge is a fun interactive 4 week fitness challenge in which participants recruit their friends and families to give them between $1 to $5 for every pound they lose.  That money raised goes towards a project that the participants vote on.  Throughout the challenge, nutritional and exercise classes are provided by Hard Exercise Works. This year, 50 + people are taking it on to build 2 homes($6,000) in Nicaragua through FNE International!

Check out this THEM story below!

Meet Antonia.  Antonia is our first THEM story.  We were able to give her some HOPE.  She’s a struggling, pregnant mom with 4 kids who simply needs a little bit of help getting her kids back to school.  She lives on the poorer side of Coral Springs, Fl.  I was surprised by how excited she got over a simple $100 gift card to Walmart.  The joy on her face in a tight financial situation and her mentioning that “God will come through” honestly had a major impact on me way more than she’ll ever know.

With some of the funds raised from our challenges, we were able to give Antonia $100 gift card to help her with back to school supplies for her children.